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Woman of Faith - Teacher- Dentist - Prayer Partner - Business Manager - Boss - Mother - Wife - Friend - Sister - Comic - Survivor - Volunteer - Imperfect Child of the Lord

Bible Study - Through the Entire Bible
I started writing and teaching a Bible study for people who have never read their Bible all the way through. In the beginning I thought it would only be a year but now 3 years later we are finished. I write worksheets that have about 60 questions every weekly lesson. It goes in order to make things easier. We have dinner in my home prior to the study and have found this to be a wonderful time of fellowship as well. We use the NIV version so that everyone is on the same type page. Sometimes I reference other versions during the teaching aspect of the study. 
Dr. Susan Walmer Burton wears a number of hats. She has a private dental practice that takes care of the needs of the surrounding communities and even some patients that travel over 500 miles to be apart of her dental practice

Dr. Burton has a passion for speaking. She enjoys speaking to offices and large groups about basic business topics as well as dental concerns but her favorite hat she wears is speaking to various Christian groups about her faith and the ability to be an over comer. Dr. Burton, when time allows, has scheduled engagements throughout the United States as well as within the region. In the past she has done sermonettes on the local Christian radio (99.3 FM WJMM and 770AM) for over 21 years. Dr. Burton is married and has 3 daughters, 2 son-in-laws, 3 grandsons and a new granddaughter.

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  • "Spiritual Nuggets Laid on the Heart" and "Overcoming
  • Difficulties and Hurdles in Life"
  • The Best Leader is a Servant at Heart (with Major Connie DeMichael)
  • "I Just Want To Do Lunch" (passion isn't all work)
  • Sisters in the Lord & Friendship Tea (with Major Connie DeMichael)
  • Minnie Pearl and her Cousin Sue-ee (with Major Connie DeMichael)
  • Biblical Highlights of Israel with Scriptural Stories Series
  • The Seder and the First Communion
  • Basic Personal Finances and Tithing
  • "I Will Survive", "Turn your Lemons into Lemonade with Living Water", and many more...
  • Your Job Interview and Their First Impression of You
  • The Phone: The First Impression of your Business
  • Insurance Hassels and Legalities
  • Office Bookkeeping, Coding, Recalls, and Front Desk Management
  • Having your own business- salaries, profit, overhead cost and just common sense
  • Basic Medical/Dental Courses
  • Dental Problems and Periodontal Disease
  • Dental Care and Nutrition
  • Front Desk Management
  • Your Staff, Referrals and the Patient
  • Salaries, overhead, and profit....plus more
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